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Hungary matters afternoon issues

[1117PM] Orbán at EU summit  |  Szijjártó in Cape Verde  |  Q3 public debt


Orbán: Hungarian model working

Szijjártó: Hungary expects EU to reciprocate Cape Verde's cooperation on migration

Hungary public debt 72.3% in Q3

Balog has cultural cooperation talks in St Petersburg



[1110PM] Orbán: Hungary is strong  |  Speaker in Ireland  |  Guest nights up 5.4%


Orbán addresses ethnic Hungarian representatives

Diaspora leaders call for protest against proposal to withdraw voting rights

Németh: central Europe sees interest in strong US

Guest nights up 5.4% in Sept



[1103PM] Paris climate summit | NVB decisions | Home building permits


Áder invited to Paris climate summit

KDNP: Brussels has chosen migrants over protecting Europe

Hungarian-Bulgarian Economic Cooperation Committee inaugurated

Home building permit issues up by one-third in Q1-Q3



[1027PM] Orbán’s interview | W Balkans speakers’ conference | Pension law


Orbán: 'Soros network' influential in EU

Lázár: Govt to renew cooperation with agriculture chamber

Kövér opens conference of W Balkan parlt speakers

Court: Withholding pensions of public sector workers constitutional



[1020PM] Scientology Church fined | Voters: Orbán 2018 shoo-in | Almost no FX mortgages


Church of Scientology in Hungary fined

Govt spox: EP vote to reform Dublin rules 'invitation' to migrants

Half of opposition supporters expect Orbán to win in 2018

FX home loans almost gone from Hungarian market



[1013PM] Persecuted Christians  |  Orbán on double food standards  |  British Embassy at new premises


Orbán: confidence 'cement' for European economy

Semjén: protecting persecuted Christians 'natural obligation'

Election office rejects referendum on chief prosecutor

Stats office: R+D spending down 8.8% in 2016



[1006] Orbán interview | Poll shows Fidesz lead | Industry output


Orbán slams Brussels for performing 'Soros plan'

CoE shares Hungary's concerns about Ukraine education law

Ruling party support stable, Jobbik wanes

Industrial output climbs 6.8% in August



[0929PM] Orbán at EU summit | Persecuted Christians | H1 budget surplus


Hungary ambassador to the Netherlands to resume post

Hagyó's sentence for embezzlement reduced

Balog: Hungary wants to be refuge for persecuted Christians

Industrial producer prices up 2.4% YY in Aug



[0922PM] Orbán in Poland | Áder on water crisis | Tourists fleeced


Orbán defends Poland, lambasts EU

Orbán: Survey 'will help protect us against migration'

Áder: Water crisis may lead to war

Police shutter Budapest bar for fleecing tourists



[0915] Fidesz group leader | Kovács on migration | KSH micro census


Kósa: Efforts needed to help women's employment

Kovács: Migration measures taken two years ago still needed

Stats Office: Over half of Hungarians live in municipality of birth

Ambassador: UK aims for 'smooth, seamless' Brexit



[0908PM] Orbán's radio interview | Kövér on 'traditional values' | Inflation picks up


Orbán: Court decision must be noted

Kövér: "We must take a stand for our traditional values"

Inflation picks up to 2.6% in Aug

Hungarian products in Great Taste Award top 50



[0901PM] Szijjártó in Tallinn  |  Former Socialist joins LMP  |  Trade surplus revised down


Former Socialist Demeter joins LMP group

Szijjártó: Hungary military to resume role in Baltics

Balog lauds work of office against persecution of Christians

June trade surplus revised down to below EUR 1bn



[0825] Hungary-Netherlands tension  |  Ahmed H case  |  Putin visit


Hungarian ambassador in Netherlands summoned for consultations

Chief prosecutor appeals ruling to drop sentence against Ahmed H

Szijjártó: Tight security measures for Putin's visit

OECD adult competency survey to begin in Hungary in Sept



[0818PM]  Barcelona attack  |  Astana expo  |  Festival of Folk Arts


Szijjártó: Terror threat concerns all of Europe

Hungarian leaders express condolences over Barcelona attack

Semjén: Hungarians worldwide must be protected

Festival of Folk Arts opens



[0818PM]  Barcelona attack  |  Astana expo  |  Festival of Folk Arts


Szijjártó: Terror threat concerns all of Europe

Hungarian leaders express condolences over Barcelona attack

Semjén: Hungarians worldwide must be protected

Festival of Folk Arts opens



További cikkeink...

  1. [0811] Industrial output | Victims of communism | .Metro renovation
  2. [0804PM] Taxation | Harrach on migration | Hortobágy wildfire
  3. [0728PM] Szijjártó on SPO | LMP | SME scheme
  4. [0721PM] Orbán's radio interview | Áder meets Guterres | Semjén on cultural autonomy
  5. [0714PM] Top court on tax donations | Jobbik complaint | Construction output
  6. [0707PM] Orbán's radio interview | Szijjártó in London | Big trade surplus
  7. [0630PM] Orbán in Turkey | New govt campaign | April trade surplus
  8. [0623PM] Political ad law passed | Szijjártó's talks | Population declines
  9. [0616PM] Orbán interview | Áder signs civil orgs law | Political billboard act
  10. [0609PM] Áder on US Paris deal exit | Qatar crisis | Guest nights +24.2%
  11. [0602PM] Orbán on Soros | Paris accords | Budget spending
  12. [0526PM] Final cities agreement | Feb-Apr jobless rate 4.6% | Botka 'security risk'
  13. [0519PM] Orbán's interview | Energy efficiency | March gross wages
  14. [0512PM] MEP resolutions | House price rises 'sustainable' | March industry revised up
  15. [0505PM] Szijjártó: Timmermans should quit | Századvég poll | March industry output +12.8%
  16. [0428PM] Orbán's radio interview | Szijjártó on Macedonia turmoil | Jobless rate 4.5%
  17. [0421PM] Orbán in Georgia | Higher education law | Migration
  18. [0407PM] Govt on Syria | Apollo Tyres | EUR 911 m Feb trade surplus
  19. [0331PM] Orbán on CEU | Budapest transport workers call strike
  20. [0324PM] Lázár on Heineken | NATO chief interview | Demography
  21. [0317PM] Migration | Roma training programme | Metro
  22. [0310PM] Szijjártó on Eastern Partnership | Varga on employment scheme
  23. [0303PM] Turkey visa waiver | Paks expansion | 1956 conference
  24. [0224PM] 'Olympic dream murdered' | LMP vows Paks plebiscite| Banks 'profitable'
  25. [0217PM] Olympic referendum | AI on border control rules | Public debt
  26. [0210PM] Brexit | Budget for 2018 | Dec guest nights +14.4%
  27. [0203PM] Orbán in Malta | Putin's visit | Immigration
  28. [0127PM] Orbán on Europe | Socialists slam Fidesz | Holocaust remembrance
  29. [0120PM] Metro 4 scandal | Berlin Green Week | Nov gross wages +8.2%
  30. [0113PM] Soros 'unpopular' | Top court ruling | Dec inflation 1.8%
  31. [0106PM] Budget deficit | US ambassador | V4 radio
  32. [1230PM] Civil orgs | Real wages | Public debt
  33. [1223PM] Tax cuts | Socialists' PM candidate | Bird Flue
  34. [1216] Orbán on borders | Szijjártó in Seoul | Retail sales
  35. [1209PM] Orbán's visit to Krakow | Szijjártó on EU | Anti-graft bill
  36. [1202PM] Orbán's radio interview | Grey economy shrinking | Sept trade surplus
  37. [1125PM] Orbán's chats with Trump | Áder on water summit | Thyssenkrupp deal
  38. [1118PM] 2017 wage hikes | Food waste | Good Friday
  39. [1111PM] Orbán interview | Vona on gay allegations | Residency bonds
  40. [1104PM] Day of natl mourning | EC on ad tax | Bird flu
  41. [1028PM] Orbán threatens to sue EU | Aug trade surplus EUR 591m | Residency bonds
  42. [1021PM] Orbán on EU summit | Fresh poll shows Fidesz up | US State Dept 'concerned'
  43. [1014PM] PM interview | ForMin's talks with ASEAN counterparts | Metro upgrade
  44. [1007PM] Paris climate pact | Aug industry output +11.1% | New GE investment opened
  45. [0930PM] 2015 GDP up 3.1% | Formin on NATO commitments | Fuel prices to rise
  46. [0923PM] Orbán rejects Vona challenge | Kövér on geopolitics | July retail sales revised up
  47. [0916PM] PM interview | EU summit | Metro 3 upgrade
  48. [0910PM] Fidesz group meeting | Survey on Olympics | Guest nights
  49. [0903] Migration | Administrative Court | Biometric passports
  50. [0826PM] Orbán's radio interview | V4 summit | Demographics data
  51. [0819PM] Gross wages up | Szijjártó Turkey visit | Shopping ban
  52. [0812PM] GDP growth | Quota referendum | Automotive industry
  53. [0805PM] June trade surplus up | Aug 20 prep | Anti-corruption guidelines
  54. [0729PM] New Mercedes plant | Millenáris Park expansion | June PPI -2.6% YY
  55. [0722PM] New govt structure | Varga: No hurry to adopt euro | Fewer asylum-seekers
  56. [0715PM] Szijjarto in Ulaanbaatar | Nice attack | Storm damage
  57. [0708PM] NATO summit | Liget project | Negative inflation
  58. [0701PM] Govt spox on EU | Court verdict on migrants | Banking post-Brexit vote
  59. [0624PM] Reactions to Brexit | Savings coops | April retail sales
  60. [0617PM] Áder returns law | MOL discovery in Pakistan | GMO
  61. [0610PM] Russian metro cars | Kyrgyz ties | IT systems
  62. [0603PM] Orbán's radio interview | April retail sales | 2024 Olympic bid
  63. [0527PM] Climate deal | Gender equality | Population decline slows
  64. [0520PM] Orbán on Soros | Szijjártó on EU, NATO | March gross wages +6.6%
  65. [0513PM] Varga on GDP growth 'blip' | Construction output | Posted workers directive
  66. [0506PM] Orbán interview | Matolcsy interview | KSH releases
  67. [0429PM] Daimler investment | Public procurement law | March PPI
  68. [0422PM] Orbán radio interview | NATO Baltics mission | Population data
  69. [0415PM] Orbán in Lisbon | Bank levy to drop | Teacher warning strike
  70. [0408PM] Orbán's radio interview | Lázár on EU asphalt case
  71. [0401PM] Budget gap revised down | GE, Google | Jan trade surplus
  72. [0325PM] Teacher talks | Nagy on exchange rate | Socialists on anti-terror bill
  73. [0318PM] Hungary signs WHO pact | Jan gross wages +5.8% YY
  74. [0311PM] Varga on logistics | Vona interview | Jan industry output down 0.2%
  75. [0304PM] Orbán interview | Supreme Court | 2017 FINA World Championships
  76. [0303PM] Quota referendum | Jan retail sales up | Migrants in south
  77. [0302PM] Plan to boost industry | Jobbik referendum | Roma Holocaust remembered
  78. [0301PM] Central bank law | Migrant camp constructed | Animal welfare
  79. [0229PM] Orbán's speech to envoys | Q4 investments +7% | Son of Saul wins Oscar
  80. [0226PM] Quota referendum | Infringement | Education
  81. [0225PM] Security | Quota referendum | Children's rights
  82. [0224PM] Quota referendum | Base rate | AI human rights report
  83. [0223PM] ECJ on vouchers | Sunday shopping ban | Retail sales up in 2015
  84. [0222PM] Orbán on EU summit | Sunday shopping | Consumer confidence
  85. [0219PM] Hungary-Iran nuclear deal | Italy 'blackmailing' Hungary | Dec wages
  86. [0218PM] Lázár on V4 migrant policy | TV ad spending up | Syrian charged with terrorism
  87. [0217PM] Orbán in Moscow | Budapest budget | Migrants 'not Syrian'
  88. [0216PM] Migration | Paks upgrade | Facebook statistics
  89. [0215PM] Fidesz on teachers' demands | MÁV's plans | Greenpeace turns to EC over Paks
  90. [0212PM] Growth outperforms | Dec industry output +9.4% | Kurtág 90 festival
  91. [0211PM] German-Turkish pact | Inflation | More migrants expected
  92. [0210PM] Govt rules out early election | Non-profit services | Klik to change
  93. [0209PM] Schools roundtable | Orbán in Kecskemét | Banking association
  94. [0208PM] Cutting red tape | Schengen collapse risks | Trade surplus up
  95. [0205PM] PM interview | Red tape cuts | Domingo in Budapest
  96. [0204PM] EC forecast | Fidesz tops poll | Holocaust trial
  97. [0203PM] Jobbik on terror threat | Dec 2015 retail sales +5% | Lázár on courts
  98. [0202PM] Handó on judicial independence | Frontex | Socialists on security services
  99. [0201PM] Orbán in Jakarta | Eucharistic Congress | PMI
  100. [0129PM] Orbán in Sofia | Education roundtable | Producer prices down

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