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Hungary matters afternoon issues

[1109PM] Orbán’s radio interview | Nézőpont poll | Budget deficit


Orbán: Family policy benefits nation

Fidesz commands support of 3 million

Budget shortfall 123% / FY target

Trade surplus narrows in Sept



[1031PM] World Urban Games | Áder in NY | PM Tisza centenary


Govt supports World Urban Games bid

Áder attends Hungarian opera performance in New York

Kövér marks centenary of PM Tisza's death

Mayor inaugurates new development at Csillaghegy spa



[1026PM] Szijjártó on energy  |  Budapest's athletics bid  |  Time switch


Szijjártó: Energy security top European priority

Hungary urges EU to open more accession chapters with Serbia

Govt guarantees Budapest bid for 2023 world athletics championships

Hungary to switch to winter time on Sunday





Govt spox: Austria migration proposal 'more realistic'

Govt launching forums on Europe's future

Németh: Hungary-Bulgaria friendship 'invaluable'

Gross wage growth reaches 10.1% in August



[1012PM] Orbán’s interview | Kovács in Washington | Tállai on VAT


Orbán: Brussels 'going full steam ahead' with migration schemes

Varga sees growing opportunities for Hungarian firms in Asia

Tállai: VAT cut bad for revenues

Demeter sole candidate for top LMP post



[1005PM] Jobbik fracas  |  Fidesz reports Migration Aid  |  Industrial output


Jobbik's Volner calls for new party leaders

Fidesz turns to prosecutor over Migration Aid political party bid

Speaker urges joint efforts to uphold regional development

Industrial output up 1.5% in Aug



[0928PM] Orbán radio interview |  Szijjártó in UN  |  Industrial producer prices


Orbán calls for changing European policy

Orbán: 'Trump icon'

Pensioners to get premium

Industrial producer prices up 8.1% yr/yr in August



[0921PM] Áder on water management | Govt spox on Frontex | July retail sales


Áder: Irrigation water should be used sparingly

Szijjártó: Hungary to side with Bavarian car industry on pollution targets

Govt spox: ‘Most EU countries’ reject proposal for enhanced Frontex role

Retail sales growth slows to 5.4% in July



[0914PM] Orbán's radio interview | Áder on climate change | Construction boom


Orbán: Brussels wants to strip Hungary of right to control border

Hungary receives US recognition for helping persecuted Christians

Áder calls for 'more ambitious' commitments against climate change

Construction output in July up 38%



[0907PM] Euro zone | EP vote | Holocaust memorial museum


Varga: Stable euro zone in Hungary's interest

Fidesz MEPs on possible 'procedural tricks' in LIBE report vote

Budapest's Holocaust Memorial Museum to open next year

LMP seeks access to state company contracts with Microsoft



[0831PM] Gulyás on LIBE report | Orbán to attend debate | Socialists data request


Gulyás: LIBE report 'desperate attempt' to punish Hungary

Orbán to attend EP debate on LIBE report on Hungary

Orbán to meet Vietnam communist party chief in Sept

Socialists to file data request on health care irregularities



[0824PM] Asylum seekers | Szijjártó-Milanesi meeting | H1 demographics


Govt: All asylum seekers eligible for care

Szijjártó: Italy, Hungary migration policies 'same in many respects'

Pilot project to place fostered workers in primary labour market jobs

Hungary population decline slows in H1



[0817PM] Varga on tax gap  |  Govt spox on Aug 20  |  Temp employment


Varga: Improved tax morale could bring tax gap under 10%

Govt spox : immediate intervention if Aug 20 celebrations in danger

Temporary, seasonal employment on the rise

Hungary public debt 74.5% of GDP at end-Q2



[0810PM] African swine fever | Wildfires in Greece | Construction output up


Campaign launched to fight ASF

Government to help post-fire reconstruction in Greece

Construction sector output grows by 28% in June

Weather service upkeeps nationwide heat alert



[0803PM] EPP |Metro line 3 | Natl health programme


Govt spox: EPP MEP’s criticism of Orbán lacks credibility

Mayor: EU funds to guarantee metro 3 project completion

Retail sales climb 6.5% in June

National health programme set to be drafted this year



További cikkeink...

  1. [0727PM] Orbán's interview | Middle East Christians | Jobless rate 3.6%
  2. [0720PM] Wages | Budget | South Balaton railway
  3. [0713PM] Századvég poll | Recalled blood pressure drugs | 2019 budget
  4. [0706PM] Budget deficit | Mayoral by-election | May industrial output +0.4%
  5. [0629PM] Orbán on EU summit | Socialists for referendums | Helicopters
  6. [0622PM] Orbán’s interview | Toroczkai’s movement | April retail sales +4.4%
  7. [0615PM] Religious persecution | Paperless NAV | April construction output
  8. [0608PM] Orbán's interview | Szijjártó in Beijing | Airport disruptions
  9. [0601PM] Szijjártó on talks with Pompeo | Police chief appointed | Europassion
  10. [0525PM] Orbán's radio interview | Varga at Ecofin | Budapesters happy with public spaces
  11. [0518PM] Orbán's ministers sworn in | Air quality | 'Spice of Europe' campaign
  12. [0511PM] Orbán-Santos meeting | Ministries approved | NBH's housing report
  13. [0504PM] New govt structure | 'Stop Soros' package | Szijjártó on migration
  14. [0428] New government | Euro introduction | Jobless rate
  15. [0420PM] Orbán's radio interview | Varga keeps job | Lázár hints on way out
  16. [0413PM] Govt spox on LIBE report | Rogán on new govt | MITEM fest
  17. [0406PM] Smolensk tragedy memorial | Election campaign | Migration
  18. [0323PM] EU summit | Election campaign | Population decline
  19. [0309PM] Orbán's warning | Terrorist suspects arrested | Pro-govt 'Peace March'
  20. [0302PM] Orbán's radio interview | Szijjártó meets UK counterpart | Áder signs Minority SafePack
  21. [0223PM] Szijjártó in Malta | Single-digit PIT rate | V4 health ministers
  22. [0216PM] Parlt vote on ‘Stop Soros’ ǀ Ukraine edu law | CDI conference
  23. [0209PM] Carpathian basin MPs meet | Hungary-Serbia joint govt summit
  24. [0202PM] Orbán's radio interview | Orbán: Austria 'Hungary-friendly' | Nov trade surplus
  25. [0126PM] Socialists vs Soros | Hungary-Montenegro talks | ECJ ruling
  26. [0119PM] Orbán's interview | 2017 November wages | Doctor-patient ratio
  27. [0112PM] Romanian envoy summoned | Municipal strike | Inflation eases
  28. [0105PM] Migrant quotas | Jobbik on utility prices | Nov PPI +4.5%
  29. [1229PM] Q3 public debt | ÁSZ's 2018 schedule | Natl Cooperation Fund grants
  30. [1215PM] Left-Lib deal in pipeline | Orbán in Brussels | Construction data
  31. [1208PM] Orbán on LIBE | Soros responds to govt | CPI
  32. [1201] Orbán's radio interview | Trade surplus revised up | New service in Romanian
  33. [1124PM] Szijjártó in Brussels | Metro 4 graft report | LMP rules out Jobbik tie-up
  34. [1117PM] Orbán at EU summit | Szijjártó in Cape Verde | Q3 public debt
  35. [1110PM] Orbán: Hungary is strong | Speaker in Ireland | Guest nights up 5.4%
  36. [1103PM] Paris climate summit | NVB decisions | Home building permits
  37. [1027PM] Orbán’s interview | W Balkans speakers’ conference | Pension law
  38. [1020PM] Scientology Church fined | Voters: Orbán 2018 shoo-in | Almost no FX mortgages
  39. [1013PM] Persecuted Christians | Orbán on double food standards | British Embassy at new premises
  40. [1006] Orbán interview | Poll shows Fidesz lead | Industry output
  41. [0929PM] Orbán at EU summit | Persecuted Christians | H1 budget surplus
  42. [0922PM] Orbán in Poland | Áder on water crisis | Tourists fleeced
  43. [0915] Fidesz group leader | Kovács on migration | KSH micro census
  44. [0908PM] Orbán's radio interview | Kövér on 'traditional values' | Inflation picks up
  45. [0901PM] Szijjártó in Tallinn | Former Socialist joins LMP | Trade surplus revised down
  46. [0825] Hungary-Netherlands tension | Ahmed H case | Putin visit
  47. [0818PM] Barcelona attack | Astana expo | Festival of Folk Arts
  48. [0818PM] Barcelona attack | Astana expo | Festival of Folk Arts (2)
  49. [0811] Industrial output | Victims of communism | .Metro renovation
  50. [0804PM] Taxation | Harrach on migration | Hortobágy wildfire
  51. [0728PM] Szijjártó on SPO | LMP | SME scheme
  52. [0721PM] Orbán's radio interview | Áder meets Guterres | Semjén on cultural autonomy
  53. [0714PM] Top court on tax donations | Jobbik complaint | Construction output
  54. [0707PM] Orbán's radio interview | Szijjártó in London | Big trade surplus
  55. [0630PM] Orbán in Turkey | New govt campaign | April trade surplus
  56. [0623PM] Political ad law passed | Szijjártó's talks | Population declines
  57. [0616PM] Orbán interview | Áder signs civil orgs law | Political billboard act
  58. [0609PM] Áder on US Paris deal exit | Qatar crisis | Guest nights +24.2%
  59. [0602PM] Orbán on Soros | Paris accords | Budget spending
  60. [0526PM] Final cities agreement | Feb-Apr jobless rate 4.6% | Botka 'security risk'
  61. [0519PM] Orbán's interview | Energy efficiency | March gross wages
  62. [0512PM] MEP resolutions | House price rises 'sustainable' | March industry revised up
  63. [0505PM] Szijjártó: Timmermans should quit | Századvég poll | March industry output +12.8%
  64. [0428PM] Orbán's radio interview | Szijjártó on Macedonia turmoil | Jobless rate 4.5%
  65. [0421PM] Orbán in Georgia | Higher education law | Migration
  66. [0407PM] Govt on Syria | Apollo Tyres | EUR 911 m Feb trade surplus
  67. [0331PM] Orbán on CEU | Budapest transport workers call strike
  68. [0324PM] Lázár on Heineken | NATO chief interview | Demography
  69. [0317PM] Migration | Roma training programme | Metro
  70. [0310PM] Szijjártó on Eastern Partnership | Varga on employment scheme
  71. [0303PM] Turkey visa waiver | Paks expansion | 1956 conference
  72. [0224PM] 'Olympic dream murdered' | LMP vows Paks plebiscite| Banks 'profitable'
  73. [0217PM] Olympic referendum | AI on border control rules | Public debt
  74. [0210PM] Brexit | Budget for 2018 | Dec guest nights +14.4%
  75. [0203PM] Orbán in Malta | Putin's visit | Immigration
  76. [0127PM] Orbán on Europe | Socialists slam Fidesz | Holocaust remembrance
  77. [0120PM] Metro 4 scandal | Berlin Green Week | Nov gross wages +8.2%
  78. [0113PM] Soros 'unpopular' | Top court ruling | Dec inflation 1.8%
  79. [0106PM] Budget deficit | US ambassador | V4 radio
  80. [1230PM] Civil orgs | Real wages | Public debt
  81. [1223PM] Tax cuts | Socialists' PM candidate | Bird Flue
  82. [1216] Orbán on borders | Szijjártó in Seoul | Retail sales
  83. [1209PM] Orbán's visit to Krakow | Szijjártó on EU | Anti-graft bill
  84. [1202PM] Orbán's radio interview | Grey economy shrinking | Sept trade surplus
  85. [1125PM] Orbán's chats with Trump | Áder on water summit | Thyssenkrupp deal
  86. [1118PM] 2017 wage hikes | Food waste | Good Friday
  87. [1111PM] Orbán interview | Vona on gay allegations | Residency bonds
  88. [1104PM] Day of natl mourning | EC on ad tax | Bird flu
  89. [1028PM] Orbán threatens to sue EU | Aug trade surplus EUR 591m | Residency bonds
  90. [1021PM] Orbán on EU summit | Fresh poll shows Fidesz up | US State Dept 'concerned'
  91. [1014PM] PM interview | ForMin's talks with ASEAN counterparts | Metro upgrade
  92. [1007PM] Paris climate pact | Aug industry output +11.1% | New GE investment opened
  93. [0930PM] 2015 GDP up 3.1% | Formin on NATO commitments | Fuel prices to rise
  94. [0923PM] Orbán rejects Vona challenge | Kövér on geopolitics | July retail sales revised up
  95. [0916PM] PM interview | EU summit | Metro 3 upgrade
  96. [0910PM] Fidesz group meeting | Survey on Olympics | Guest nights
  97. [0903] Migration | Administrative Court | Biometric passports
  98. [0826PM] Orbán's radio interview | V4 summit | Demographics data
  99. [0819PM] Gross wages up | Szijjártó Turkey visit | Shopping ban
  100. [0812PM] GDP growth | Quota referendum | Automotive industry

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