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Hungary matters afternoon issues

[0324PM] Lázár on Heineken |  NATO chief interview  |  Demography


Lázár: Heineken should resolve trademark dispute with Csíki Brewery through talks

NATO chief: Sharing burdens, fight against terrorism on NATO summit's agenda

Hungarian deputies in Carpathian Basin meet in Budapest

KSH: Hungary population decline up in January



[0317PM] Migration | Roma training programme | Metro


Orbán: second border fence can keep out largest of migrant crowds

Govt to launch training, employment scheme to help Roma women

Tarlós: four revamped metro carriages on line 3 from March

Appeals court acquits defendants in Moscow property case



[0310PM] Szijjártó on Eastern Partnership  |  Varga on employment scheme


Szijjártó calls on EU to take Eastern Partnership seriously

Varga outlines measures to draw fostered workers into private sector

LMP warns of farming monopolies

Hungary gears up to commemorate 1848-1849 revolution



[0303PM] Turkey visa waiver  |  Paks expansion  |  1956 conference


Orbán opens new administrative centre near Budapest

Szijjártó: Hungary to grant visa preferences to Turkish businesspeople

Dialogue party to initiate referendum on Paks expansion project

Conference held on 1956 revolution in Vienna



[0224PM] 'Olympic dream murdered' | LMP vows Paks plebiscite| Banks 'profitable'


Orbán: Olympic 'dream murdered'

Orbán: ‘Servers of Global capital' to be made accountable

LMP to initiate referendum on Paks upgrade

Banking sector profitable in 2016



[0217PM] Olympic referendum | AI on border control rules | Public debt


Hungary opens embassy in New Zealand

AI: proposed border control rules unlawful

Signatures for Olympic referendum submitted

Public debt 73.9% of GDP at end 2016



[0210PM] Brexit | Budget for 2018 | Dec guest nights +14.4%


Pragmatic Brexit deal 'in Hungary's interest'

Hungary's proposals on handling migration 'gain EU support'

Guest nights climb 14.4% in Dec

Chinese charged for recruiting prostitutes



[0203PM] Orbán in Malta  |  Putin's visit  |  Immigration


Orbán: Italy's new government could help stop migrants

Foreign minister, party politicians assess Putin's visit

Govt publishes OLAF report

Remains of bus crash victims to arrive in Hungary on Saturday



[0127PM] Orbán on Europe | Socialists slam Fidesz | Holocaust remembrance


Szijjártó holds talks with Montenegrin counterpart

Orbán: 'European project has been stopped in its tracks'

Navracsics: Culture engine of European identity

Govt official: Tragedy of Holocaust must be faced



[0120PM]  Metro 4 scandal  |  Berlin Green Week  |  Nov gross wages +8.2%


Govt spox: Socialist-Liberal city leaders bear responsibility for metro 4 scandal

Hungary guest of honour at Berlin's Green Week

Universities sign dual training pact

Gross wages climb 8.2% in Nov



[0113PM] Soros 'unpopular'  |  Top court ruling  |  Dec inflation 1.8%


Survey: Soros unpopular in Hungary

Top court strikes down law on public administration court

Dec inflation 1.8%

Hungary UN mission to hold conference



[0106PM] Budget deficit | US ambassador |  V4 radio


Budget posted HUF 848.3 bn deficit last year

Industrial output up in November

US ambassador in Budapest to leave her post

Car thefts on the wane



[1230PM] Civil orgs  |  Real wages  |  Public debt


Centenary of Charles IV coronation marked

Funding to civil orgs to be upped

Opposition parties deliver bleak appraisal of 2016

Govt confirms commitment to fighting anti-Semitism



[1223PM]  Tax cuts |  Socialists' PM candidate   |  Bird Flue


Varga: Further tax cuts hinge on growth

Socialists ready to back Botka as opposition PM candidate

Orbán greets Jewish communities for Hanukkah

Bird flue discovered in NE Hungary



[1216] Orbán on borders | Szijjártó in Seoul | Retail sales


Orbán: All hinges on closing the borders

Szijjártó at talks in Seoul

Retail sales growth slows to 2.6 % in Oct - KSH

Analyst: V4 proposals could be worked into joint position on migrants



További cikkeink...

  1. [1209PM] Orbán's visit to Krakow | Szijjártó on EU | Anti-graft bill
  2. [1202PM] Orbán's radio interview | Grey economy shrinking | Sept trade surplus
  3. [1125PM] Orbán's chats with Trump | Áder on water summit | Thyssenkrupp deal
  4. [1118PM] 2017 wage hikes | Food waste | Good Friday
  5. [1111PM] Orbán interview | Vona on gay allegations | Residency bonds
  6. [1104PM] Day of natl mourning | EC on ad tax | Bird flu
  7. [1028PM] Orbán threatens to sue EU | Aug trade surplus EUR 591m | Residency bonds
  8. [1021PM] Orbán on EU summit | Fresh poll shows Fidesz up | US State Dept 'concerned'
  9. [1014PM] PM interview | ForMin's talks with ASEAN counterparts | Metro upgrade
  10. [1007PM] Paris climate pact | Aug industry output +11.1% | New GE investment opened
  11. [0930PM] 2015 GDP up 3.1% | Formin on NATO commitments | Fuel prices to rise
  12. [0923PM] Orbán rejects Vona challenge | Kövér on geopolitics | July retail sales revised up
  13. [0916PM] PM interview | EU summit | Metro 3 upgrade
  14. [0910PM] Fidesz group meeting | Survey on Olympics | Guest nights
  15. [0903] Migration | Administrative Court | Biometric passports
  16. [0826PM] Orbán's radio interview | V4 summit | Demographics data
  17. [0819PM] Gross wages up | Szijjártó Turkey visit | Shopping ban
  18. [0812PM] GDP growth | Quota referendum | Automotive industry
  19. [0805PM] June trade surplus up | Aug 20 prep | Anti-corruption guidelines
  20. [0729PM] New Mercedes plant | Millenáris Park expansion | June PPI -2.6% YY
  21. [0722PM] New govt structure | Varga: No hurry to adopt euro | Fewer asylum-seekers
  22. [0715PM] Szijjarto in Ulaanbaatar | Nice attack | Storm damage
  23. [0708PM] NATO summit | Liget project | Negative inflation
  24. [0701PM] Govt spox on EU | Court verdict on migrants | Banking post-Brexit vote
  25. [0624PM] Reactions to Brexit | Savings coops | April retail sales
  26. [0617PM] Áder returns law | MOL discovery in Pakistan | GMO
  27. [0610PM] Russian metro cars | Kyrgyz ties | IT systems
  28. [0603PM] Orbán's radio interview | April retail sales | 2024 Olympic bid
  29. [0527PM] Climate deal | Gender equality | Population decline slows
  30. [0520PM] Orbán on Soros | Szijjártó on EU, NATO | March gross wages +6.6%
  31. [0513PM] Varga on GDP growth 'blip' | Construction output | Posted workers directive
  32. [0506PM] Orbán interview | Matolcsy interview | KSH releases
  33. [0429PM] Daimler investment | Public procurement law | March PPI
  34. [0422PM] Orbán radio interview | NATO Baltics mission | Population data
  35. [0415PM] Orbán in Lisbon | Bank levy to drop | Teacher warning strike
  36. [0408PM] Orbán's radio interview | Lázár on EU asphalt case
  37. [0401PM] Budget gap revised down | GE, Google | Jan trade surplus
  38. [0325PM] Teacher talks | Nagy on exchange rate | Socialists on anti-terror bill
  39. [0318PM] Hungary signs WHO pact | Jan gross wages +5.8% YY
  40. [0311PM] Varga on logistics | Vona interview | Jan industry output down 0.2%
  41. [0304PM] Orbán interview | Supreme Court | 2017 FINA World Championships
  42. [0303PM] Quota referendum | Jan retail sales up | Migrants in south
  43. [0302PM] Plan to boost industry | Jobbik referendum | Roma Holocaust remembered
  44. [0301PM] Central bank law | Migrant camp constructed | Animal welfare
  45. [0229PM] Orbán's speech to envoys | Q4 investments +7% | Son of Saul wins Oscar
  46. [0226PM] Quota referendum | Infringement | Education
  47. [0225PM] Security | Quota referendum | Children's rights
  48. [0224PM] Quota referendum | Base rate | AI human rights report
  49. [0223PM] ECJ on vouchers | Sunday shopping ban | Retail sales up in 2015
  50. [0222PM] Orbán on EU summit | Sunday shopping | Consumer confidence
  51. [0219PM] Hungary-Iran nuclear deal | Italy 'blackmailing' Hungary | Dec wages
  52. [0218PM] Lázár on V4 migrant policy | TV ad spending up | Syrian charged with terrorism
  53. [0217PM] Orbán in Moscow | Budapest budget | Migrants 'not Syrian'
  54. [0216PM] Migration | Paks upgrade | Facebook statistics
  55. [0215PM] Fidesz on teachers' demands | MÁV's plans | Greenpeace turns to EC over Paks
  56. [0212PM] Growth outperforms | Dec industry output +9.4% | Kurtág 90 festival
  57. [0211PM] German-Turkish pact | Inflation | More migrants expected
  58. [0210PM] Govt rules out early election | Non-profit services | Klik to change
  59. [0209PM] Schools roundtable | Orbán in Kecskemét | Banking association
  60. [0208PM] Cutting red tape | Schengen collapse risks | Trade surplus up
  61. [0205PM] PM interview | Red tape cuts | Domingo in Budapest
  62. [0204PM] EC forecast | Fidesz tops poll | Holocaust trial
  63. [0203PM] Jobbik on terror threat | Dec 2015 retail sales +5% | Lázár on courts
  64. [0202PM] Handó on judicial independence | Frontex | Socialists on security services
  65. [0201PM] Orbán in Jakarta | Eucharistic Congress | PMI
  66. [0129PM] Orbán in Sofia | Education roundtable | Producer prices down
  67. [0128PM] Defence | Sludge spill ruling | Employment
  68. [0127PM] Olympic venues | Govt mulls tax on big retailers | Poll
  69. [0126PM] Talks in Mongolia | Hagyó sentenced | NBH keeps rates on hold
  70. [0125PM] Orbán in Mongolia | Terror threat measures | Nov retail sales +4.8%
  71. [0122PM] Terror law | Orbán hails Austria's migrant decision | Richter
  72. [0121PM] Taxi demo over | Nov wages | Szijjártó on Schengen
  73. [0120PM] Border protection | Orbán-GE talks | Taxi drivers' demo
  74. [0119PM] Taxi drivers' protest | Yuan bonds | NBH office in Rome
  75. [0118PM] Taxis in anti-Uber demo | Migrant camp violence | New tax system
  76. [0115PM] Lego expansion | Farmland sales | Construction sector output
  77. [0114PM] Trade office in Cambodia | CPI | Defence ministry overhaul
  78. [0113PM] Industrial output | Talks on response to terrorism threat | Audi production
  79. [0112PM] EC position on Paks | Bank assn fined | NYT correction demanded
  80. [0111PM] Son of Saul | Compulsory military service | Electronic ID
  81. [0108PM] Orbán's radio interview | Industry, trade stats | Swimming fed
  82. [0107PM] Orbán-Cameron | Eurobond | Retail trade
  83. [0106PM] Budget deficit | Cameron's visit | Electromobility
  84. [0105PM] Jobless rate dips to 6.2%| Border violators | Chinese-language news
  85. [0104PM] Vajna completes TV2 acquisition | Varga on tax office | Household savings
  86. [1230PM] Tax policy | Defence spending | Drug bust
  87. [1229PM] Trócsányi on migration | Former broker be jailed | Retail sales
  88. [1228PM] Targets for 2016 | Kövér: EU weak | Tourism figures
  89. [1223PM] Trade surplus | Fewer job-seekers | Financing capacity
  90. [1222PM] Ökotárs excluded from funding | Jobbik MEP spy charge | E-commerce
  91. [1221PM] HR minister on 2015 | Slovak police going home | Demographics data
  92. [1218PM] Orbán on EU summit | MKB Bank sale | Son of Saul shortlisted for Oscar
  93. [1217PM] Varga on debt reduction | Investment subsidies | Matolcsy on lending
  94. [1216PM] Debrecen refugee camp | Nigerian drug mule | Construction sector output
  95. [1215PM] Orbán on 2024 Olympics | Home building VAT | Jobbik on Russia sanctions
  96. [1214PM] Fidesz aims to mobilise youth | Home building VAT | Oct industry output
  97. [1211PM] Bank tax reduced | Matolcsy on monetary policy | Guest nights up
  98. [1210PM] Infringement procedure | Hóman statue | Trade surplus
  99. [1209PM] Suleiman's tomb | V4 on Macedonian fence | Tax cuts
  100. [1208PM] Szijjártó on ties with neighbours | Deep poverty down | CPI +0.5% in Nov

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